The Thornton Street House

The Writers Group prompt for this week was to write about our “Golden Years” or a finest moment. In the past 2 years I have written to several finest moment prompts. I wanted to try something different. I am not a poet by any means, but I am trying to work on it. I wrote about one of our, Barb and I, finest moments from early in our lives together.

The Thornton Street House

The yard is an overgrown jungle

shaggy shrubs block the windows.

The backyard taken over

by vines of wild grapes.

A cast iron sink with a porcelain veneer

supported by unusually long legs.

The kitchen cabinets have glass doors

painted over, the color Grey Poupon.

Knotty pine paneled walls 

rest on a well travelled linoleum floor.

The wool carpet was once a lush emerald green

now faded to the color of canned green beans.

Installed before the invention of carpet adhesives

the seams held tightly together with wool twine.

Wallpaper peels in one bedroom, stained in another

My God! So much ugly wall paper in every room.

Calcimine peels from the ceiling

Windows are painted shut.

A single bathroom, fixtures circa 1925

Part business, part residence

The walls and ceilings have acquired

A patina of nicotine.

Someone is going to buy this house

Buy it before we do, we can’t sleep

Our first house

The first house our sons called home.

Our early Golden Years.

Ernie Stricsek 

Chatham Writers Group


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