The ”Empower” Duet

There was prompt for the Chatham Memoir Group this week, ”what would you do if the Covid pandemic ended tomorrow”. For some strange reason, after the writers suggested it, the ”Flower Duet” from the opera ”Lakme” by Leo Delibes popped into my head. The Flower Duet is a beautiful piece, and is one of my favorite operatic pieces. Depending on who sings the duet, it could be elevated to an even higher level of beauty, which does not seem possible. What will follow below is a YouTube clip of the Flower Duet. The YouTube video will be first, my attempt at lyrics second. If you are gifted with an operatic quality soprano or mezzo-soprano voice, and have a friend equally gifted, my lyrics you can sing along to the melody. i spent a few days working on this, so my effort follows the melody pretty closely.

Empower Duet

Covid is gone

A new day has dawned

We rejoice, we raise our voice

And shout in glee

Toss your mask aside

It’s safe to go inside

To see a movie, or a play

Or a nightclub to dance the night away

Vax cards not needed 

Distance rules need not be heeded

All Covid variants are no more

No limits to customers in a store

Take a trip to see your parents, or your kids

Hug them, kiss them, how much you have missed them

Get on a train, or take a plane

On a whim go meet your friends once again

On a whim meet friends once again*

*can be sung to the Flower Duet melody from Leo Delibes’ “Lakme’”

Ernie Stricsek

Chatham Memoir Group


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